Site Map | Contact us | Home Welcome to No. 58, Palace Road, Vasanth Nagar, Bangalore - 560 052. Copyright © 2012. Mount Carmel Institute of Management, Bangalore, Karnataka, INDIA. All Rights Reserved Management -  a term significant in the area of business, covers a wide plethora of areas and interest-capital, personnel, insurance, marketing strategies-and we, at the Mount Carmel Institute of Management, pride ourselves on guiding the enthusiastic footsteps of aspirants in the Business World.   Growing complexities in this field have necessitated the acquiring of suitable skills to deal with them. Not only are our students exposed to training in integral management and leadership skills but we aim to instill in them a strong sense of moral duties and social obligations equipping them as young leaders who are sensitized to the ways of the world.   We, at the Institute, believe in moulding students into being strong-willed upholding the principles of integrity, commitment and discipline that we hone in them. In addition, a student’s unique ability and creativity finds expression in organising and participating in myriad events. At the Institute we believe in improving on past achievements and are continually seeking to broaden our horizons and attain newer targets. Dr. Sr. Arpana, Director, MCIM